How to choose your saddle ?

Rider’s part:

In order to determine what saddle characteristics you need, we look at different criterias:

  • Your height,
  • Your trousers size,
  • informations about your riding (you put on your stirrups very long, very short, you like to be kept in the seat of your saddle etc…)
  • informations regarding your horse (withers, shoulders, etc….)

The height helps us determine the length of the flaps you need as well as an initial indication of how the knee rolls must be shaped, so that your leg is well positioned and that you are not bothered at the knee

The trousers size helps us determine the seat size that would suit you best.

These estimates are to be supplemented with additional information concerning the usual length of the stirrups.

Here are two tables that can guide you more precisely. But be careful, this offers you a search direction. Depending on your sensations on horseback, your riding etc., these elements may vary.

Table 1: Length of the saddle flaps depending on the size of the rider

Table 2: Seat size estimated by trousers size


Examples to help :

In the case of a CSO or monoflap saddle:

For example, you are 1.85m tall and wear 42-44, we would advise you a saddle with a 18” seat and a flap length of 4. In addition, you are jumping and use to put on short stirrups, we will advise you on a triple forward knee-rolls (AAA).

Or, you are 1.60m tall and wear 40, we will direct you towards a saddle with a 17.5” seat and flaps size 2.

You mainly do dressage work with your saddle and put on long stirrups, a simple knee-rolls (A) or even normal (N) will be sufficient.

In the case of a dressage saddle:

You are 1.70m tall and wear 38, we advise you to choose a saddle whose seat is 17” (if you like to be kept in your seat) or 17.5” (if you like to be able to move) and flaps size 3.

Horse’s part:

The saddles we offer have already had a first or even several lives!

On each of our advert, we specify the saddle technical characteristics, and horse morphology it will fit.

If nothing is indicated is that the saddle will adapt to a relatively standard horse morphology both in his withers, his back and his shoulders.

For this part, it is best to contact us directly:

Vanessa HAMME

0033 (0)5 46 93 77 35